Monday, 14 September 2009

Koo koo ka choo chicks!

I have been to the point where I think I'm going just a little bit insane.It could be possible Cabin Fever (a disease that frequents my head many times),and the fact that I have not much routine or anything to look forward to....
One moment I have loads of ideas floating about in my head for conceptual/beauty shoots,and the next I hear a little "poof" and it is metaphorically gone.Perhaps stop thinking these things up before I fall asleep and wake up the next day shouting "by jove, I lost it!Where did it go??!!!"-no that really doesn't happen,I just have the memory of a fish and it sounded interesting.

After all, what does one do when one is waiting to start her new job?She attempts to draw or paint;

I cannot explain the reason why I chose to do this,and I'm not going to go all "art" analytical.I wouldn't even dare to say that it qualifies as something I would want to show to y'all...but this is simply my lines of thinking for the next shoot. THIS is what I'm thinking;
  • We paint some sort of mural in my fella's back garden wall as a backdrop for the model to pose against, and also inspired by Vanessa Jordan's Collection
  • It WILL be a piece of aesthetic art,a separate component but not too distracting from the real nitgrit
  • Miss Leoni Blue ( will be there in her usual cute attire,snapping away
If I could post some sort of doodley brainstorm I would,so here is a five minute rant of whats on;50's-boudoir-paperorigami-birds-meets-batforlashes-strangewoods-motherearth-naughtysexyteasy-flapper?-

I also LOVE this image I found in Pop.May even just paint that.Then theres the whole other matter of the makeup!!!!baaah!!

koo koo ka choo!