Saturday, 5 September 2009


based on the story "Coraline" by author Neil Gaiman

I watched this last night,and for some reason not that many people know about it???I thought it was AWESOME.I loved the art concept and story of young Coraline,who finds this door in her house linked to another world where she has another mother with buttons for eyes,and everything is perfect.It takes a bit of a twist where her other mother isn't everything that she is,won't give it away but it was so wonderfully wierd and,please forgive me but I assumed this was a Tim Burton piece but instead directed by Nightmare Before Christmas' Henry Selick. And it's all stop-motion!!We're so used to cgi and computer animation that we forgot about craft and detail.I watched these series of videos on how it was made,and would like to worship the puppet makers and animators for their sheer talent.