Friday, 4 September 2009

Times-a changing I'm too impatient to wait and figure out how to build this thing,so will post photos now while everything is under construction.
Anyways,this week has brought some good news.We had a successful shoot on Tuesday with new young model Abbi,using some amazing clothes from graduate designers Vanessa Jordan and Elena Ivanova.What an awesome location too...a derelict bingo hall just down the road from my fella's gaff.
The place was covered in dust,not to mention a couple of hazards,but of course we avoided all that!!
I had so much fun with the Makeup, as I was totally inspired by the tone of the clothes.Vanessa Jordan's collection to me was a mash-up of 50's boudoir biker chic with ethereal touches,such as the feathers and the feather mohawke headpiece.I did a sixties line over the crease of the lid and neutral base,with babydoll pink lips to blend in with the lightness of the layered dresses and skirts that Vanessa created:
And then a strong,bold and very symmetrical eye which took me ages,but I wasn't going to let her go unless the line was totally clean.For the likes of this look,I was mostly angling at Mondrian's art and the styling of Bat For Lashes (is she the possible epitomy of my wild painting series?-yes).It needed that for both headpieces,Vanessa's Mohawke headpiece and Elena's flower cage (I fell in love with both-how amazing and professional are these grads?) .....and well,I'm pleased because it went well with both.

Well,will post official retouched pics on official websites.
And on a last note,I was offered a job to join MAC cosmetics as a weekend artist.I'm super pleased as it is a step towards GOOD TIMES!!Plus I get to dress up as the characters in my head on counter-could a girl ask for more???