Friday, 25 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

it's not fair,i really think you're yuck

Elle, October issue;

Possibly the worst cover photo of Miss Allen to date.Don't get me wrong,I like her....
I'm really not sure what is going on with this customized lace/silver dress;perhaps it was intentional.I'm sure if somebody wore this out the paps and trash columnists would be cut-throat.And what is going on with the blonde wig?And the makeup?Yeah ok, I get it,you're trying to be all Courtney Love,rock n'roll bitches blah blah blah but this is borderline embarrassing for Elle to justify this as an opening to LFW.
Sack the stylist.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Koo koo ka choo chicks!

I have been to the point where I think I'm going just a little bit insane.It could be possible Cabin Fever (a disease that frequents my head many times),and the fact that I have not much routine or anything to look forward to....
One moment I have loads of ideas floating about in my head for conceptual/beauty shoots,and the next I hear a little "poof" and it is metaphorically gone.Perhaps stop thinking these things up before I fall asleep and wake up the next day shouting "by jove, I lost it!Where did it go??!!!"-no that really doesn't happen,I just have the memory of a fish and it sounded interesting.

After all, what does one do when one is waiting to start her new job?She attempts to draw or paint;

I cannot explain the reason why I chose to do this,and I'm not going to go all "art" analytical.I wouldn't even dare to say that it qualifies as something I would want to show to y'all...but this is simply my lines of thinking for the next shoot. THIS is what I'm thinking;
  • We paint some sort of mural in my fella's back garden wall as a backdrop for the model to pose against, and also inspired by Vanessa Jordan's Collection
  • It WILL be a piece of aesthetic art,a separate component but not too distracting from the real nitgrit
  • Miss Leoni Blue ( will be there in her usual cute attire,snapping away
If I could post some sort of doodley brainstorm I would,so here is a five minute rant of whats on;50's-boudoir-paperorigami-birds-meets-batforlashes-strangewoods-motherearth-naughtysexyteasy-flapper?-

I also LOVE this image I found in Pop.May even just paint that.Then theres the whole other matter of the makeup!!!!baaah!!

koo koo ka choo!

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Rachel @Nevs

Saturday, 5 September 2009


based on the story "Coraline" by author Neil Gaiman

I watched this last night,and for some reason not that many people know about it???I thought it was AWESOME.I loved the art concept and story of young Coraline,who finds this door in her house linked to another world where she has another mother with buttons for eyes,and everything is perfect.It takes a bit of a twist where her other mother isn't everything that she is,won't give it away but it was so wonderfully wierd and,please forgive me but I assumed this was a Tim Burton piece but instead directed by Nightmare Before Christmas' Henry Selick. And it's all stop-motion!!We're so used to cgi and computer animation that we forgot about craft and detail.I watched these series of videos on how it was made,and would like to worship the puppet makers and animators for their sheer talent.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Times-a changing I'm too impatient to wait and figure out how to build this thing,so will post photos now while everything is under construction.
Anyways,this week has brought some good news.We had a successful shoot on Tuesday with new young model Abbi,using some amazing clothes from graduate designers Vanessa Jordan and Elena Ivanova.What an awesome location too...a derelict bingo hall just down the road from my fella's gaff.
The place was covered in dust,not to mention a couple of hazards,but of course we avoided all that!!
I had so much fun with the Makeup, as I was totally inspired by the tone of the clothes.Vanessa Jordan's collection to me was a mash-up of 50's boudoir biker chic with ethereal touches,such as the feathers and the feather mohawke headpiece.I did a sixties line over the crease of the lid and neutral base,with babydoll pink lips to blend in with the lightness of the layered dresses and skirts that Vanessa created:
And then a strong,bold and very symmetrical eye which took me ages,but I wasn't going to let her go unless the line was totally clean.For the likes of this look,I was mostly angling at Mondrian's art and the styling of Bat For Lashes (is she the possible epitomy of my wild painting series?-yes).It needed that for both headpieces,Vanessa's Mohawke headpiece and Elena's flower cage (I fell in love with both-how amazing and professional are these grads?) .....and well,I'm pleased because it went well with both.

Well,will post official retouched pics on official websites.
And on a last note,I was offered a job to join MAC cosmetics as a weekend artist.I'm super pleased as it is a step towards GOOD TIMES!!Plus I get to dress up as the characters in my head on counter-could a girl ask for more???
I'm super excited.My first post,hello world!I will be posting my opinions on art,fashy fashion,films,love,life....everything.I will also be using this as an online creative diary,as I have the memory of a fish.I figure its useful,yah?